Analysis in R:The “mschart” package, which outputs editable graphs in Word and PowerPoint


This package can output charts that can be edited in Word and PowerPoint. You can create bar, line, scatter and area charts.

Package version is 0.3.1. Checked with R version 4.1.2. Checked with Office 365.

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Install Package

Run the following command.

#Install Package


See the command and package help for details.

#Loading the library

###Creating Data#####
n <- 30
TestData <- data.frame("ID" = rep(c("KA", "RA", "DA"), each = 3, length = n),
                          "Group" = rep_len(c("Group1", "Group2", "Group3"), n),
                          "Point" = rep(1:10, length = n),
                          "Value" = rnorm(n))

#Four types of graphs that can be created: ms_XXXX command
#The created graph is displayed with the print command, preview = TRUE
#Group split: group option: no split with NULL
#Bar chart: ms_barchart command
TestBar <- ms_barchart(data = TestData, x = "ID", y = "Value", group = "Group")
print(TestBar, preview = TRUE)
#NoGTestBar <- ms_barchart(data = TestData, x = "ID", y = "Value", group = NULL)
#print(NoGTestBar, preview = TRUE)

#Line chart: ms_linechart command
TestLine <- ms_linechart(data = TestData, x = "Point", y = "Value", group = "Group")
print(TestLine, preview = TRUE)

#Scatter plot: ms_scatterchart command
TestScatter <- ms_scatterchart(data = TestData, x = "Point", y = "Value", group = "Group")
print(TestScatter, preview = TRUE)

#Area graph: ms_areachart command
TestAreachart <- ms_areachart(data = TestData, x = "Point", y = "Value", group = "Group")
print(TestAreachart, preview = TRUE)

#Set graph type: chart_settings command
#SetType: Grouping option; stacked: Stacked, percentStacked: 100% Stacked,
#Clustered :Clustered; Bar and scatter plots, standard: Standard can be specified.
#Overlap: Overlap command; -100 to 100 can be specified
SetTestBar1 <- chart_settings(TestBar, grouping = "stacked", overlap = 50)
print(SetTestBar1, preview = TRUE)

#Formatting of X and Y axes: chart_ax_x,chart_ax_y command
#Both of these command options are the same
#Specify label position: crosses option; min, max, autoZero
#Specify the position of tick marks and auxiliary tick marks:
#major_tick_mark and minor_tick_mark options; cross,in,none,out
#Label rotation: rotation option; -360 to 360 can be specified
#Numeric formatting: num_fmt option
SetTestBar2 <- chart_ax_x(SetTestBar1, crosses = "min", minor_tick_mark = "cross",
                             rotation = -45)
SetTestBar3 <- chart_ax_y(SetTestBar2, crosses = "min", minor_tick_mark = "cross",
                             num_fmt = "0.0", rotation = -45)
print(SetTestBar3, preview = TRUE)

#Set titles for graphs, X and Y axes: chart_labels command
SetTestBar3$theme$main_title$ <- "Arial"
SetTestBar3$theme$axis_title_x$ <- "Arial"
SetTestBar3$theme$axis_title_y$ <- "Arial"
SetTestBar4 <- chart_labels(SetTestBar3, title = "Title", 
                               xlab = "x title", ylab = "y title")
print(SetTestBar4, preview = TRUE)

#Specify fill color: chart_data_fill command
#Set colors: value option
SetTestBar5 <- chart_data_fill(SetTestBar4,
                                  values = c(Group1 = "#FDE4C0",
                                             Group2 = "#FFF7F3",
                                             Group3 = "red"))
print(SetTestBar5, preview = TRUE)

#Specify border colors: chart_data_stroke command
#Options are common to chart_data_fill command
SetTestBar6 <- chart_data_stroke(SetTestBar5, values = "yellow")
print(SetTestBar6, preview = TRUE)

#Example: Embedding and saving charts in a Word or PowerPoint file

#Word:body_add_chart command
doc <- read_docx()
doc <- body_add_chart(doc, chart = SetTestBar6, style = "centered")
print(doc, target = "Test.docx")

doc <- read_pptx()
doc <- add_slide(doc, layout = "Title and Content", master = "Office Theme")
doc <- ph_with_chart(doc, chart = SetTestBar6)
print(doc, target = "Test.pptx")

Output Example

・ms_XXXX command

・Adaptation of the whole formatting command to the ms_barchart command

・Exsample: Editing after output to Word

I hope this makes your analysis a little easier !!